Movie Review: Gimme Shelter

By: Alaynna K. McCormick


When I first saw the trailers for Gimme Shelter, starring Vanessa Hudgens, I was more than just a little skeptical. After High School Musical, I was pretty sure there was nothing she could do on the screen outside of singing, dancing, and giggling. Then when her scandalous photos leaked in 2007, I was convinced there would never be anything about Hudgens we had not seen (literally). Then tonight, I was dragged to the movies with friends and experienced that blissful moment of surprise that every movie buff lives for. I discovered Vanessa Hudgens could act!

Her heart-wrenching performance as a sixteen-year-old girl who has been moved from one foster home to another, abused both physically and sexually, and frightened to discover herself pregnant with nowhere to turn, in no way resembled little Gabriella of East High. Scene after scene revealed Hudgens laying herself bare, boldly projecting desperation and despair in a way that left one’s mind reeling long after the lights came up. She embodied this character to such a degree that audiences everywhere left with a better respect and understanding for the difficulties many in the world are facing today. All of this she could have managed even without the story being based on true events. I am not too small to admit when I am wrong, and I will proudly say I look forward to any other surprises Vanessa Hudgens may have up her sleeve.


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