Myth Busted: There is Help

1275249_86778210By: Brittany L. Wooten


Being a college student is hard. Being a successful college student can be even harder. The material that you are expected to study, learn, and often write about can seem confusing and difficult. Luckily for you, you don’t have to suffer alone through this anxiety provoking situation.

Located in the basement of Sherman (beneath the dining hall) is the Academic Success Center (ASC). In the ASC, you will find students that have been selected as tutors for English, math, and various other subjects. These student tutors are ready and willing to assist you with homework, essays, and any other project that is troubling you. The schedule for the Academic Success Center is posted on the door of the ASC in room B105, and it is also posted throughout the other buildings on campus. Dr. Ging, Dr. Jones, and Mr. Gaston are members of the Education Department that oversee the Academic Success Center. They want students to know that they can assist students in finding additional help besides what is being provided in the ASC.

Aside from seeking out a tutor, there are other things that you can do if you find yourself needing help this semester. Dr. Schutz of the history department says that students should “review their notes” after a lecture so that they can add information before it has been forgotten. He also advises that students take full advantage of the available resources, including textbooks.

Dr. Waite, a professor of Sociology, wants students to know that teachers at TWC want to see students be successful in their coursework. She encourages students to “talk with and schedule a time to meet with your professors during their office hours.”

Let this be the semester that you take control of your academic achievement. Don’t wait until the week before finals to realize that you need help. Use all of the resources available to you to ensure that you get the grades that you deserve!


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