Superbowl 2014

By: Brittany L. Wooten


Before the game began, our National Anthem was sung beautifully by Renee Fleming. Renee, the first ever opera singer to perform this song at the Super Bowl, awed the audience as she flawlessly hit those dangerous-and-easily-missed high notes.

In weeks leading up to the game, fans on both sides anticipated this match-up against the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks. Both teams finished first in their divisions, making this only the second time two #1 teams have gone against each other in the Super Bowl in the last twenty NFL seasons. Super Bowl XLVIII was predicted to be a close game with high scores for each team, and many odds leaned toward the Broncos as the champions. However, the Seahawks had a different agenda.

At game time, each team brought its own specialty to the field. To make it simple: the Broncos had the best offense, and the Seahawks had the best defense. After the coin toss, the Broncos received the ball. The whole game began to unravel for them right then. The first play of the game resulted in a two point safety for the Seahawks. The rest of the first half continued in their favor with their #1 defense proving itself against the Broncos. At halftime, the score was a surprising 14-0.

The halftime show featured Bruno Mars along with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. A stage of children opened up with his song “Billionaire,” and when Bruno appeared he began his set with a drum solo and then made the transition into performing “Locked out of Heaven.” Accompanied by musicians in matching gold suits playing jazz-style instruments, Bruno sang his way through “Treasure” and “Runaway Baby.” After a bit of the Isley Brothers’ “Shout,” the lights dimmed, and the Peppers took over. Shirtless and full of energy, they played “Give It Away,” which featured an amazing solo by guitarist Josh Klinghoffer. Bruno Mars wrapped up this halftime show on a sweet note by singing “Just The Way You Are.”

The third quarter proved to be just as disastrous to the Broncos’ morale as the beginning of the game. The Seahawks scored again and again, making the score 36 to 0. Finally, the Broncos scored a touchdown and successfully went for the extra two points. However, this attempt was just a little too late. With the score now 36 to 8, this game was basically over. Once again, the Seahawks had a different plan. They gained another seven points before the end, making the final score for this year’s Super Bowl 43-8. No miraculous comeback happened for the Broncos, and after a very good game for Seattle they walked away with their first ever Super Bowl win.


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