There is a Spanish Minor? And They Want to go Where?

By: Bri Cash


As a Spanish student, I wonder how many students know that Tennessee Wesleyan College offers a Spanish minor. According to Lorena Gomez, the professor of Spanish here at TWC, most students do not know about the minor.

“I think most students don’t know that they can minor in Spanish until it is too late to pursue it,” said Dr. Gomez, “It is a shame, and I would love for our Spanish program to grow.”

It takes six semesters to achieve a minor in a language. Many students are only aware that the ACR requirements of some majors require fluency up to the 200 level in either Spanish or French. What students, and even some advisors, do not know is the amount of opportunities that open up for a student when they speak more than one language.

One such opportunity is the chance to visit a Spanish speaking country. Dr. Gomez originally planned to take around six Spanish minors to her hometown of Bogota, Colombia. The number of students that are going has dwindled down to only two due to financial difficulties.

According to Dr. Gomez and the two participating students, Emily Miller and Sara Phelps, the total cost of the trip is not something that Dr. Gomez wishes to be disclosed. They began fundraising in the fall semester by selling snowcones during homecoming. However, this did not generate the money needed. They are also selling t-shirts for $10 with all proceeds going toward the expenses of the trip.

The girls plan to visit many interesting and educational places in Bogota. Some of these include the Museo del Oro, a museum; Monserrate, a mountain from which the entire city can be seen; and Catedral de Sal de Zipaquira, a cathedral built under a mountain where they mine salt. The group also plans to visit local schools to explore the education system in Colombia.

The trip is scheduled for Spring Break this semester. The deadline for payment for the trip is quickly approaching. If you are interested in donating to their cause, contact Lorena Gomez at

Dr. Gomez would also like to raise awareness of the Spanish program and would like to encourage students to begin taking Spanish classes in their freshman year so that they have the option to pursue a Spanish minor if they wish. She hopes to continue to take minors to Colombia, and believes this  will be an incentive for the students considering a minor in Spanish.


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