TWC Theatre Program takes on The Crucible

By: Alaynna K. McCormick


This spring, Tennessee Wesleyan will be hosting The Crucible by Arthur Miller. It is a drama that takes place in 1692 Salem, Massachusetts, and tells the story of several innocent individuals accused of being witches. It begins when a group of girls who, while dancing around a fire in the woods with a Haitian slave, are accused of performing a sacrilegious ceremony. In order to escape this charge, they must prove that it was the devil’s hand that forced them, given power due to the witches amongst the townsfolk. Suspense rises when a handful of people are accused of practicing witchcraft and must find a way to save themselves from persecution.

The play will take place March 27th-29th and April 3rd-5th at 7 p.m., and there will be one showing at 3 in the afternoon on March 30th. Attendance will count as a convocation. Involvement in cast or crew can also count as service hours.


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