Waiting: Updates made to crosswalk red light

crosswalk and pedestrian at street in hong kongBy Alaynna K. McCormick

Recently a new traffic light system known as HAWK was constructed at the crosswalk on Green Street, between one side of the street where the gym and Fowler Hall are located to the other side, containing the rest of Tennessee Wesleyan College’s education buildings including Fisher and Townshend Hall. The light offers, in theory, a much more effective and safer way for students to head from their dorms to their classes, because by pressing a button, they can halt traffic to walk across the street.

Before one would simply walk across the street and trust that traffic would stop. Despite the fact that an accident involving a harmed student has never occurred at the crosswalk, it is irrefutable that the light system does insure more definitively the safety of students as they make their way from class to class. However, despite this fact, some students claim that certain problems have been noticed with the light.

Several students have reported that the light takes too long to change. In response to this, a test was conducted by a student with a stopwatch. Times ranged from ten seconds to just under twenty seconds from when the button was pressed to when the light finally turns red, stopping cars. This can seem like a very long time when class is inching ever closer. Due to the extended amount of time it takes for the light, many students are not utilizing the system at all, and are merely slipping back into the habits established before its installation. This is particularly troublesome for all parties invlved when not pressing the button and waiting can cause students to receive a citation from the Athens Police.

In spite of this, most students do feel like the new traffic light is an inspired idea and they are glad to see that Tennessee Wesleyan takes the safety and efficient management of traffic seriously on campus. Many students even admit that they would be more willing to utilize the system regularly if the supposed kinks were worked out.


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