Starting Off Right –Tips for College Freshman

By Hope Freeman

Starting your first semester can be nerve-racking and yet exhilarating at the same time. And we all know that there are plenty of articles and such all over the internet about how to start off right in college but none of them apply specifically to TWC. So here is a short list of general and specific things that freshman need to know about starting and staying at TWC.

Class Tips

* Don’t be late! If you can help it, of course. Many professors at TWC close their doors when class begins and it is considered pretty rude (some even seriously discourage you, i.e. history department) to open the door back up to come in once class starts. It’s distracting and interrupts lecture classes. And many professors also have tardy policies in their syllabi.

* Respect your professors! Obviously, this shouldn’t have to be said because we are grown adults and not in high school anymore, but don’t forget it. Because how can you expect a professor to respect you as a person and student if you cannot respect them as a well-educated person and teacher?

* Always do your homework! Even if it isn’t for a grade (which a few professors here do this, i.e. math and music). If it is for a grade it can encompass a very large majority of the class and failing to complete assignments can make it hard to pass. These professors already have their degrees and they know what they are doing, so if they assign something than obviously it’s going to help you understand the subject better. It’s even a

good idea to do some extra reading up on subject (especially if they interest you), as that can help you better understand, and keep a better focus in class.

* Don’t forget to check your student email! This is the best way for a professor to get a hold of you should something happen, like class being cancelled or a change in the syllabus.

* Make a friend in every class! This will really help when you miss class, need notes or even when you need to study for a test, or if you need someone to bounce ideas off of when working on projects.

Study Tips

* Be responsible! Especially with your time. Granted this applies to most things in college, but it is particularly important in studying and doing homework. You should always make time for any homework (be it assignments or reading) or studying that needs to be done for class even if that means putting off a party or get-together with friends. Because really, what’s the point in going to class if you are not going to take the time to study the subject?

* Study right! Make sure to optimize your study time. Everyone studies differently and what works for one may not work for another. However, to get the most out of your classes you need to make sure you can study for all of them.

* Get help! If you are struggling in any particular class, then TWC has what you need to get that extra boost. In the basement of the Education wing of Sherman, under the cafeteria, there is a place called the Academic Success Center. There are people down there constantly who can help you in any number of subjects (for example: English, Spanish, Music, and Science). The Math Department has its own tutoring center which

can be found up the stairs to the left in the front of the Auditorium. If you can’t find help at any of these places, go to your professors. They will gladly help you any way they can. That’s what they are here for- to help you learn.

TWC Specific Tips

These are just a few tips for freshman at TWC. Of course, everyone has different opinions about class (about how hard they may or may not be) but these things are more fact than opinion and only cover a few areas. You may want to ask around about your new professors and really observe them in class to come to your own conclusions.

* Don’t ever be late for a Dr. Duncan class.

* Always do the online forums for Dr. Dover classes

* Always write down and remember any small fun fact that Dr. Decker specifically mentions in class

* Don’t forget to doing any of your reading for any Dr. Schiavoni class

* And there are plenty of others. Just remember, all professors here on campus have their own quirks and the best part is getting to know them and coming to fondly remember them after you graduate

Last but not least, don’t forget to ask older friends at TWC about school life here. And if you don’t have any older friends yet, make some!


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