TWC’s Ghost Stories Convocation

 By Hope Freeman

It’s that time of year again and everyone is gearing up for Halloween parties and horror movie marathons. Are you someone like this and love a good ghost story or two when the weather gets chilly? Do you need an extra convocation credit? If you answered yes, then the perfect choice for you is the Ghost stories convocation that the TWC Literary Magazine hosts every October. This year’s convocation is set for Thursday October 30 at 11 a.m. and will consist of any number of scary stories from authors like Edgar Allan Poe to any TWC student’s submitted story.  In order to attend, you need to grab a ticket from Dr. Schiavoni or any of the Literary Magazine staff and head over to the student auditorium in the basement of Sherman.

After that, why not head over to the Library and pick up a few copies of The Springs of Helicon (TWC’s own Literary Magazine) to look through and enjoy some amazing writing and art constructed by fellow students. And if you like the magazine, and enjoy writing or making art, then why not submit and contribute to a long-standing TWC tradition? Anyone can submit their work by sending it to twc_litmag@twcnet.edu.

And better yet if you’re still looking for more, E 308 Literary Magazine (or Lit Mag for short) is also a class offered every semester at 12 o’clock on Wednesday as a one hour English elective. In this course, students will be given prompts to write their own stories as they work to select, edit, and format the stories and art submitted by TWC students (current and even the occasional alumni) and faculty. Not only does this class give students the practical experience in editing but also looks pretty good on a resume. So the next time you write a poem or a short story, or make some awesome artwork, think of the Lit Mag and consider contributing to a great TWC tradition.

Let’s not forget though, the Lit Mag is looking for people who want to write their own ghost stories and read them at the convocation. Go ahead and submit your scary stories to the same email (twc_litmag@twcnet.edu) and let them know if you would like to read it or not. Any of the Lit Mag staff will be willing to read your story if you are not and there will be plenty of stories to read for the convocation if you only want to read and not write. So send the staff an email with any questions you may have!


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