TWC in Seville, Spain during the spring break-2015

Spain 10 084

By Dr. Lorena Gómez

Tennessee Wesleyan is really thrilled to offer students the opportunity to travel to Seville-Spain during the TWC spring break-2015. Students who participate will get three (3) academic credits while having fun learning about Spanish culture and communicating in Spanish. Students will stay with host-families who will help them improve their Spanish language skills while at the same time deepening their appreciation of Spanish culture.

It is amazing what can be achieved educationally when students experience firsthand the culture of a second language. These achievements refer not only to increasing the vocabulary and grammar of a second language but also learning to communicate with people from another culture.

Traveling abroad is a priceless experience. One begins to see the world from a different perspective and results in a better understanding of the fact that all people, regardless of nationality, are equal. In addition, one can gain knowledge of different languages and cultures. In short, travelling abroad helps us understand the commonness of all human beings.

While travelling to Seville-Spain in 2015 besides gaining a lot of experience students can increase their fluency in Spanish while they live with a Spanish-host family. In addition to this, students can also get 3 credits towards their degree, all in 8 nights and 9 days with some time also dedicated to prepare and to evaluate the trip itself. Who can benefit from this experience? If you are a TWC student, a faculty or staff member, or if you do not belong to these three groups but want to have this experience, just call the Department of English and Modern Languages and they will let you know the details.

This is also a good occasion to remind everyone that there are more and more jobs in the Athens area which are in need of workers with knowledge of the Spanish language which is why some majors who have finished in TWC with a minor in Spanish are having better chances to get these jobs.

The Department of English and Modern Languages would like to encourage students to be one of them. Students may start today by travelling to Seville-Spain in the spring break-2015.



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