Genital Autonomy Demonstration on Market Square 11/1/14

Provided by: Intact Tennessee and Intact Knoxville

Anna Hurley (TWC Nursing Student), Natalie Stevens Walz, and Noelle Lewellen

Demonstrators to Organize Against Routine Infant Circumcision
Knoxville, TN: On Saturday, November 1st, Intact Tennessee and Intact Knoxville have organized a peaceful demonstration against routine infant circumcision to take place on Market Square near the intersection of Union and Market.
Advocates will gather from 9:30 am to 1 pm. Signs and information for passers-by will be provided.

Routine infant circumcision is an unnecessary, elective, cosmetic procedure that removes the healthy and functional penile foreskin. It is estimated that about 56% of American infant males undergo this surgery. The foreskin is an essential organ with many important protective and sexual functions. It contains 20,000 specialized nerve endings and amounts to about 15 square inches in the adult male. The procedure is often very painful and has numerous risks and complications. It is estimated that 117 infants die each year in the US as a result of circumcision. .
This event is family-friendly; adults and children alike are invited to join the demonstration, or simply stop by for more information. Intact educators will be available for those would like to speak with them. There will be additional demonstrations in Chattanooga (Oct. 30th) and Nashville (Oct. 31st) for anyone who wishes to attend and finds those dates or locations more convenient.

About Intact Tennessee and Intact Knoxville: We are local chapters of a multinational non-profit organization known as The Intact Network. Chapters are run by volunteers who share evidence-based information about the harms of circumcision and the importance of the foreskin with expecting parents and the general public.
For more information, visit http://www.FB.com/IntactTN


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