A Senior’s Perspective: Things I Wish I Would Have Done Earlier in College

By Hope Freeman

It’s said that hindsight is 20/20, and boy are they right. Now that I am in my last semester, I have started to realize that there are things that I should have done sooner or even better during my college career. So please, read over my wishes and don’t let yourself be thinking the same thing before you graduate.

  • I seriously wish that I would have started taking Spanish courses my first year here. I am graduating with a BA in English, and would have had a minor in Spanish if only I would have started my Spanish classes earlier. But, alas, I am in my last semester and am short one class to have the minor. So if you want to have a minor, start thinking of it early!
  • I should have really done some better investigating into what types of jobs are (or would be) available in my field. Honestly, English is my best subject and if I could I would go on to get a Master’s degree in Linguistics and a Doctorate in Mythology and Folklore and become a Linguistic Anthropologist or something like that. However, that’s all that will be is a dream job because there are not really any jobs to have in that field. So don’t forget that while it is important to have a goal and having in mind a dream job, don’t forget to be sensitive to the job market and keep in mind a “back up” job of sorts.
  • I wished I would have realized how important internships and/or organization memberships were going to be to potential employers. Not that I really had time for internships -not that many college kids do- but I probably would have volunteered at a library or some other place that I could easily manage my time around. FYI: I started at TWC before the Servant Leadership program began, so I have none of that to offer potential employers. Be glad you have something to show.
  • I now know I probably should have taken some summer courses. I have been here since Spring ’10 and am just now graduating. Granted I tried my hardest to take smaller course loads because I’m a mom and a wife but if I would have been smart I could have made the most of my scholarships –like the HOPE- by taking summer course; some of which will pay a certain amount for summer course –like the HOPE. So don’t forget that summer classes can help keep student loan debt down by helping you to graduate earlier.
  • I wish I would have figured my major out much more quickly. I was not and am not suited for certain majors, and having come in as an English Ed major and taking some of the required courses for a BS, I quickly realized this, but not quick enough. My GPA took a hit when I did terribly in some courses that I don’t even need for my current major. So my advice: find out what you’re good at, and go with it quickly.
  • I wished I would have never let any class overwhelm me. And I’m not only talking about the ones that I didn’t even need for my current major. I am absolutely awful at math, and when I started going under in the ACR required math, I let myself sink because I couldn’t find anyone to explain things to me any better. And my GPA hates me for it –don’t get me wrong, my GPA isn’t dismal by any means but it does not look like what Hermione Granger would have as a GPA. However, when I retook the class, I made sure to get a teacher that I better understood and got a tutor even before I needed one –my father-in-law was happy to help. So, my advice: never let yourself sink and be proactive if you know that the class will be exceptionally hard for you.

There are probably several more things that I could list off but then it would be a novella not an article! So I leave you with this: make sure that your college experience is something that will help you in life; things are getting difficult in the job market, and you don’t want to miss out on anything could have gotten you that top notch job. However, with that being said, this is college and we are human but don’t ever forget to try your hardest because that is the most important thing you can do for yourself.


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