TWC’s Writing Center

By David Johnson
                Writer’s block? Questioning your grammatical skills? Skewed is your syntax of sentences? There are plenty obstacles that hinder young and experienced writers alike. The English language itself is a melting pot of several different languages and therefore is one of the hardest languages in the modern world to master. Even mastery of the language is subject to change as the language itself changes almost every year with new additions to the Oxford Dictionary and with how the Modern Language Association decrees grammar should be structured. It is because of these many obstacles that Tennessee Wesleyan College has opened up the Writing Center in which students can find tutoring for any writing problems they may have. 
                   Recently given over to the English Department and headed by Dr. William Ruleman, the Writing Center is a safe haven where students are sure to be greeted by a smile and encouragement to finish that final paper or strength to push forward in a variety of English classes. There are several students who have volunteered their time throughout the week and are dedicated to working in the Center; all of these volunteers are more than willing to accept any and all questions others may have about their English classes or recreational writings so as to benefit their fellow pursuers of knowledge. Even if you simply want to stop by to see what the Center is like, feel free! 
                   The Writing Center encourages any and all visits and will be glad to help you in any way they can. Many students have praised the Center for helping them complete assignments on time and positively critiquing their papers and works of literature in a timely and professional manner. Times for the Writing Center can be found on flyers spread throughout the campus or students can stop by Dr. Ruleman’s office on the fourth floor of Durham to receive a copy of the schedule.

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