Cows On Campus!

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Have you seen the red and purple cows? If you are just as curious as most of the students on campus, Professor Jerry Hagaman has the answer for you!

By Jerry Hagaman

         When John and Elaine Cathcart read of Jim Collins being commissioned to place painted silhouette sculptures of cows along an Irish roadside, they contacted him about purchasing a few for themselves.  It was appropriate, as their home at the time was on the site of the original Mayfield dairy farm and milk house.  The Cathcart’s donated the sculptures to Tennessee Wesleyan when they relocated to Memphis.

           They also donated the welded steel sculpture ‘Communion’ by Mike Russell that is placed near the entrance to Elliott Hall.

            Jim Collins was a professor of art at U.T. Chattanooga until 1983 when he went into full-time art production.  He has executed public and private commissions and is represented in many collections including the Hunter Museum in Chattanooga.
            The cows are made of powder coated steel.  The colors and silhouettes were chosen from a list of possibilities by Ms. Cathcart.  An image of the original installation in Ireland can be seen on Collins’ website http://www.collins3d.com.

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