Study Tips for the Fast Approaching Finals

By David Johnson

The temperature has dropped, trees are beginning to shed their leaves, and students are starting to worry about their finals. Truth be told, finals week is not as bad as it seems. As a senior who has undergone plenty of tests for classes, I can assure students who may not be familiar with finals that they are not something to fret over too much. While you should maintain your studies (as I’m sure everyone has done throughout the semester), there may be a few things you did not know about testing that can help ease your troubled mind.

  •  Go over your notes. More times than not (especially with classes like English, social studies, and history), professors will pull information directly from the lectures and power points given in class. I’m sure all students were in attendance for each class and took sufficient notes, yes? If not, do not vex yourself! Use your textbook to go back over information you may have missed in class.
  •  Form a study group. Study groups can be distracting and most would advise against using them too often or relying too heavily on a group. However, meeting up with other people in your respective classes can benefit you greatly, if only to refresh your memory when it comes to covalent bonds, the message of Ralph Waldo Emerson, or how to properly graph a function on a calculator.
  • Meet with your professors. If you need an extra boost to make certain you understand a specific subject matter, there is simply no better source than the person who will be giving you the final. Professors are here to teach you, and if you need help, do not be afraid to ask for it outside the classroom!
  •  Take advantage of resources provided by the school. The library is hosting a Long Night Against Procrastination this year, allowing students to gather together and study with each other from 6pm-12am. The library is providing tutoring services, snacks, study supplies, and study breaks and all students are invited to participate. Additionally, the college has several tutoring services in place to help students with their studies: the writing, math, and academic success centers are available and they are there to help calm your nerves when it comes to studying. The volunteers in these tutoring sessions have generally been tutoring for a while and can offer advice on how to study. They are there to help you!
  • Maintain your usual study habits. Many students and/or professors tend to advise against this, especially if your study habits include listening to music, watching television, or other similar distracting activities. However, I have personally found that maintaining what you are used to can be helpful as well. If you are used to have a television on while you study, do that. This helps you by preventing those last-minute nerves.

Remember: finals are only tests! Make sure you review your syllabus to determine the weight of the final, but remember that in the end, it is only a test. And you’ve had plenty of those before, right?


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