A Taste of Local Color


Brittany Rowland, an Education major here at Tennessee Wesleyan, reflected on the locality of East Tennessee and graciously provided the newspaper with a poem that mirrors the beauty and grandeur of our surrounding country. Below is her poem, “Hunt-Lovin Farm” which includes depictions of the rural areas surrounding the college. We fell in love with this piece–what do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

Hunt-Lovin Farm

I am a century farm,

Complete with a house and barn.

There are countless things I have seen,

Even before these mountains were green.

I was established in 1905;

My legacy still remains alive.

Each step you take is only a hint

Of each ancestor’s footprint.

I am nestled in a small valley with a majestic view,

Surrounded by mountain forests only half as new.

Numerous crops I have grown;

Many creatures I have known.

If it were not for the care of my masters,

Long ago I would have become simple pastures,

With no memory to see of the greatness I could be;

But all of my masters have cared for me tenderly.

So here I stand proud, strong, and true;

My masters keeping me as good as new.

I will stay here for many years to come;

Everywhere you can see what my masters have done.

Oh, the stories my structure’s walls could tell,

Full of happiness that is easy to compel.

So many more things I wish I could share,

But the time that would be is beyond compare.


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