Dear Incoming Freshman:


Welcome to Tennessee Wesleyan! You have now left the comfort of your hometown high school and entered a place where you are able to express yourself any way you want. It is important to know that you are the one that decides the outcome of your first year. My name is Terry Hoppe. I was in your shoes once, and here are a few things I wish I would have known back then.

The transition from high school to college is both exciting and overwhelming. You must sign up for classes, purchase books, and so much more. I personally can say this will be stressful at times and you will get frustrated. Remember that this year is about getting your ACR’s out of the way so that you can focus on what you plan to major. Some of you probably have no idea what you what to major in and that is perfectly okay. My suggestion is that you, whether you have decided a major or not, take all your ACR’s between your first year and part of your second year.

You are no longer in your safe place; the place you have known for the past four years of your life. That door is now shut and you have opened a new chapter of your lives. You have to work and put effort into your assignments to receive the grades you deserve. Also, professors will not tell you what your assignments are or when they are due. However, every professor will give you a syllabus that tells you all of these things. It is important that you do not lose these documents. I suggest you place them in your binders that way you know where you can find it and so you don’t forget your assignments when they are due.

Another important part of your college experience is getting involved on campus. Wesleyan has many clubs and organizations that you can be a part of. If you are a resident this is easy considering you live on campus. As for computers this is harder to do. Speaking as a commuter myself, I found it hard to get involved. There were times where I felt “left out.” I did, however, make friends with some of the residents on campus as well as other commuters.

Your first year of college will be tough. You are taking classes you feel you took in high school (ACR’s) and making that transition into college. This is the next chapter of your lives. You can either do everything you need to do, with effort put in to it, or you can choose to goof off and not do anything. The choice is up to you. Personally if I were you I would make the choice to do the things you know you need to do, with a little fun, so you won’t have repeat courses because you have failed them and so you won’t struggle at the end of the semester on how to improve your grades. Your experience here at Wesleyan is entirely up to you as an individual. I hope you take my advice into consideration and I hope you make your transition easy. See you around campus!


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