Coming Soon: The Colloms Campus Center

Collums Campus Center

By: Kirsten Henry

The newest addition to the Tennessee Wesleyan Campus will begin construction this summer. The Colloms Campus Center will be a hub for campus community to come together in a variety of ways. It will be the ultimate hang-out for students between classes, and a home away from home for commuters. In an interview with President Knowles he stated, “we want to build a place where everybody feels comfortable.” The building will consist of a new bookstore almost twice the size of the current one. A coffee shop will be located in the fcility and offer specialty coffees and.

A game room complete with pool tables, Ping-Pong and other amenities will be a available as a place for students to enjoy.  There will be open spaces with fireplaces and lots of seating for students to socialize, do homework or just relax. The design includes lots of technology and plenty of windows to  natural light to flow throughout. The Colloms Campus Center will be the new home of  J. Wesley’s Grill.

J. Wesley's Grill

The second level of the building will offer career services, servant leadership offices, interview rooms, tutoring, a gallery, along with a ballroom in which banquets will be held. The Colloms Campus Center will be located behind Townsend. It will have a giant two-level  porch with rocking chairs overlooking the Commons lawn. The new building will become a social meeting place for organizations, clubs and students that will encourage learning and creativity. The old SAC located beneath Townsend will be renovated and transformed into a workout room for students . With Tennessee Wesleyan gaining the new title of a University, The Colloms Campus Center will be a wonderful addition.


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