TWC Shark Tank Competition

shark tank 4

On December 1, 2015, The Tennessee Wesleyan Department of Business conducted a Shark Tank Competition which was carried out much like the actual television show. Four entrepreneurial groups presented their business strategies in front of a panel of judges with a ten-minute time limit.

The first team to present was “Study Buddies.” Their business would provide tutoring for college students to encourage better study habits and offer resources to achieve educational goals. Team Two was called “Jewelry for a Change.” Their concept created beautiful customizable jewelry out of spare change. Some of the proceeds went to the “Make A Wish Foundation”. Team Three was an online clothing store called “Style Box”, which required a monthly fee in exchange for new clothing. The buyer could choose from a variety of clothing options which could then be worn and sent back to Style Box. Once they were  laundered, a new set of clothing would be shipped back to the buyer.Finally,Team Four presented “Slim Suits.” These were  patented micro-fiber suits designed to double the amount of calories burned while exercising.

shark tank 2

After the judges deliberated the four concepts, the winners were announced! The results were :

Third place: Study Buddies.

Second Place: The Slim Suit.

First place: Style Box.

Congratulations to all the winners, as well as to the Business Department for hosting this challenging and interesting event.

The Winners Ryan Phillips and Kelsey Whitmire from Style Box

The Winners Kelsey Whitmire and Ryan Phillips from “Style Box”



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  1. The Small Business Development Center judges from Cleveland were delighted to participate in this event! Congratulations to all of the students for a job well done – Bob and Jennie

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