TWU Takes on the Big Apple!


Communication Studies students had the opportunity to visit  New York City this past summer. On this trip, Ron Gilbert, head of the Communication Studies major lead a team of selected  Communication majors who experienced the beauty of this urban masterpiece. The glitz and glam of New York came to life in the constant moving lights of bust streets and Times Square.13243888_1407238299302959_8721093924224576605_o.jpg

More importantly, students  experienced the inner workings of several TV networks, including a stop at Fox News and Radio, with host and commentator Todd Starnes.  Next, they got the chance to tour NBC Studios and  even created their own TV talk show. They next toured the location of the poplar Cable TV show “Cake Boss.” Next, after a short train trip to Bristol, Connecticut, students got to tour and hang out at ESPN headquarters and watch as several sports shows were being produced live.

13301338_1407237482636374_4004777028249787119_oThe experience of New York City provided a way for TWU  Communication Studies students to experience the working world of TV broadcasting first hand. It also helped them  gain a new perspective of  how the “Big Apple” might provide for their undergraduate education and future employment.


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