First published in 1895, The New Exponent is a student publication of Tennessee Wesleyan CollegeThe New Exponent works to bring the latest TWC news and information to our students, prospective students, faculty, staff and alumni.


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Faculty Advisor: Dr. Ron Gilbert

Co Editors-in-Chief: Kirsten Henry and Kailey Holbrook

Staff Members: Quentin Boric, Julia Keener, Marcos Serrato, Breann Prueet, Terry Hoppe

Photographer: Kassie Mathews



Merner Pfeiffer sitting area in Nocatula Gardens



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You are welcome to contact the Editor-in-Chief at abrowe2013@my.twcnet.edu with questions, suggestions, complaints and compliments. Advertising is currently only available in our free print edition, published at homecoming and commencement during the school year and available at various locations on campus.

This page also gives you access to information regarding The New Exponent. If you feel that your questions remain unanswered after reviewing the site, feel free to send us an email.

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